Drummer/Producer/Sound Designer

John offers Remote Drum and Percussion recording in a wide variety of formats. The way it works is simple.  Send in your tracks and John will record the drum and percussion parts.  The drum tracks will be recorded in John’s drum studio using the highest quality equipment, producing exceptional drum parts at a very reasonable price.  In addition to drum parts, John can also play a wide variety of hand percussion and mallet parts to complete your musical project. 

These tracks can then be sent back to you as raw session files or fully edited and mixed tracks.  Also available are MIDI session files, drum editing and drum replacements. 

As a world-recognized sound developer and electronic drum expert, John is well equipped to produce high quality MIDI tracks using state of the art equipment, including the Yamaha DTXtremeIII Special.  If you want something really different, ask for tracks composed on a Zendrum or Mandala. A list of equipment is provided and you can choose from a staggering amount of instruments.

Drum Sets include a full line of Gretsch, Xotic drums (custom), and many more.  There are a total of 14 snare drums to choose from including Ludwig, Rogers, Leedy, Xdrum, Gretsch, Armstrong, Premiere, and Slingerland.  There are marching and concert drums available as well. The massive cymbal collection includes Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, Bosphorus, and Wuhan.  Congas, Bongos, and a huge assortment of hand percussion and toys are also available, including mallet instruments.

Tracks are recorded on a wide variety of DAW platforms depending on the project and needs of the client. Recording gear includes a wide selection of professional microphones including Violet, Nevaton, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Crown, and Yamaha.  Microphone pre-amps include API, Metric Halo, ATI, and Presonus.  Plug-ins from Waves, Universal Audio, Sony, Brainworx and others are available for mixing and editing. 

As a sound designer for the world’s top drum VST program, John offers a cost effect alternative to high-priced studios. Fees start at $40 per hour.

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